Englische Version

1. General questions

2. Were you born in Singapore? If not, where are you from? Since when have you moved to Singapore?

3. What are you doing in Singapore?

4. Which do you like in Singapore?

5. Singapore is known as a multi-culture social. Do you think that right? And why?

6. As I know, there are in Singapore a lot of different religions. Each religion has its own celebrations. So it muss be a number of celebrations. How do you think about this?

7. How many vacation days a year do you have? If on a work day you have your religious celebration, which is very important, what will you do?

8. Did you and your schoolmates celebrate festivals together at the school?

9. Do you think, that your daily routine will be changed during the time of festivals?

10.Are there any religious festivals in Singapore, which you don´t like? Why?

11.Can you describe Singapore in a fews words?