Proband 2

A: Ok, first, thanks for spending time for me. I want to know something about you.

P: I am 30, male, I like to swim, play badminton, travel around. I am malaysia, currently working in Singapore as a System Engineer.

A: Very well! Which do you like in Singapore?

P: I start working on 2009 until now. Education and safety, of course my i decide to work in Singapore

A: How about the food and the wheather?

P: Food still ok, but I think malaysia is better. I don´t like the weather, I prefer four seasons countries like US, UK, I like cold rather than hot.

A: Ok, Singapore is known as a multi-culture social. Do you think that right? And why?

P: Yeah, Singapore has chinese , malay, indian people. Recent years they have lots of new permanent residents and migration from other countries.

A: Do u think that they live in harmony?

P: Can say so.

A: As I know, there are in Singapore a lot of different religions. Each religion has its own celebrations. So it muss be a number of celebrations. How do you think about this?

P: That is great. We can enjoy different celebrations and get to know their background.

A: How many vacation days a year do you have? If on a work day you have your religious celebration, which is very important, what will you do?

P: Normally we will have 14 days annual leave in the company, when there ere some important events like coming chinese new year on january,the government already have 2 days public holidays for the chinese new year for the first 2 day, then we will get extra holidays from company. So that we can celebrate longer time on the festival and gathering with the family.

A: Did you and your schoolmates celebrate festivals together at the school?

P: Definitely, sometime we will go to visit them on their festivals, to know and enjoy the festivals with them. As we are living in the same country.

A: Don´t you celebrate together, for example in Christmas.

P: Yeah, we do celebrate Christmas, hari raya for malay. We do celebrate all to hose big events together. We will go to those christmas party if free.

A: cool. Do you think, that your daily routine will be changed during the time of festivals?

P: No. Everything still the same. Just need to hand over all the thing if i really need to attend any festival that important to me.

A: which festivals are important to you, for example?

P: Chinese new year as i am chinese, we do celebrate this grand event.

A: Do you have free from work or studying on that day?

P: Is a public holiday in Singapore and Malaysia. No need to work.

A: ah, ok!

P: is complusory off day

A: Are there any religious festivals in Singapore, which you don´t like? Why?

P: No. I love those festivals. You will enjoy it , will see their culture, know about their history.

A: So, you like all of them?

P: Yeah

A: Can you describe Singapore in a fews words?

P: If you got chance to come over here, then you will know . Singapore is a discipline country, clean, educated . I love their government can response very fast to solve the problems. Singapore is a multi nation country, but, they are united. This is the strong point.

A: That´s all. Thanks for helping!