Kurs:Learning in Virtual Worlds

Vorlage:Kurs-Werkstatt: Learning in Virtual Worlds

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Immersive Education Initiative
"Create Once, Experience Everywhere" 3D/VR Format Unveiled by Immersive Education Initiative The Immersive Education Initiative (http://ImmersiveEducation.org) today unveiled iED 3D/VR™, the open and royalty-free cross-platform 3D/VR mesh file format that enables 3D and virtual reality (3D/VR) content to be created once and and experienced across a range of virtual worlds, games, simulators and mixed/augmented reality applications. The culmination of over 2 years of work conducted through the Open File Formats Technology Working Group (OFF.TWG), iED 3D/VR is aligned with the COLLADA standard and currently supported by official iED virtual world platforms realXtend, Open Wonderland, Open Simulator ("OpenSim") and Open Cobalt in addition to the candidate iED platform Sirikata.
Immersive Education Opensim Audio Whiteboard Application