Thank you very much for taking the time for the interview! How old are you?

Im an 18 year old black male from South Africa

Which grade are you in?

I just finished gr12 im going to start my first year of university

Congratulations! And what is the name of your hometown?

I was born in polokwane in Limpopo in the north of South Africa but nw I live in Bloemfontein in the free state which is in the middle of south Africa

Well and do you live in town, out of town or in the country?

I live in town.

What is your parents profession?

My mom works at “ESKOM” which is the electricity supplier for south Africa, My dad is a professor of languages at the University of the free state

How high is (or for you was) the school fee at our school per month?

At my school its about 12000 Rands which is abt 1200 euros a YEAR which is pretty expensive

Was your school only opened for Blacks or Whites during the Apartheid – era?

It was not open for black students during the apartheid but towards the later years it was one of the first schools to alow Black students

And nowadays, how is the percentage of black and white pupils at your school?

In my school there where a lot more white kids than black

What about the teachers? How is the percentage of Blacks and Whites?

More white teachers in town school very few white teachers in rural schools

Did you feel comfortable and secure in your school?

Yes I would say 99% of the time.

Was your ethnic identity respected? Or did you feel discriminated sometimes?

It was respected most of the time. Or people tried to do it but every now and then there is a someone who doesn’t

What is your mother tongue?

Sesotho don’t know is u can say that

If I can say what?

The language is called “Sesotho” im not sure you will be able to pronounce that

I don’t know if I pronounce it correctly!

What was the language of instruction?

English is the language im going to do all my education in

Did you have any comprehension problems?

No, I did not

Regarding South Africa all in all: Do you think it exists equality of educational opportunity for black and white children?

I don’t think its about black or white now its about being able to pay for your education. Because black and white people who are poor don’t get the same education as those who can afford it

Thank you very much! It was a pleasure talking to you!

It was my pleasure feel free to ask if u have any other questions

Thank you!