Thank you very much for taking the time for the interview! How old are you?

I turn 18 the 24Janury


Which grade are you in?

On Wednesday I’m starting with matric (grade 12)

That’s our final year.

Well and what is the name of your hometown?

Bloemfontein in the Free State

Do you live in town, out of town or in the country now?

In town…

What is your parents profession?

Dad – radiologist, mom pre-school teacher

How high is the school fee per month?

I’m really not shure…hold on…

+- R1300

Its I think R 13000 per year

And was your school only opened for Whites or Blacks during the Apartheid – era?

Only whites. But it was one of the first schools to accept black students…the first black student was accepted in 1992

And nowadays, how is the percentage of black and white pupils at your school?

White 70% and black not sertain of the presise percentage though… we have,per grade, 4 afrikaans classes and 2 english classes…the Afrikaans classes are all white and English classes are about 75% black. The Afrikaans classes may have between 1 and 4 kids…but not more than that…

What about the teachers? How is the percentage of Blacks and Whites?

We only have white teachers, and 1 indian teacher (2011) but all of the cleaners, deliverers gardeners, repairmen and most of the staff working in the hostels are black. This is our school…english schools like EuNICE GIRLS and ST MICHAELS GIRLS have more black teachers…Grey is mostly Afrikaans…

And do you feel comfortable and secure in your school?

Yes very!!!

Is your ethnic identity respected? Or do you feel discriminated sometimes?

In school or in RSA?

In your school.

No…In my school I haven’t experienced any discrimination…

What is your mother tongue?


And the language of instruction is Afrikaans as well, right?

Jipjip…but my school offers instruction in AFR and ENG

Regarding South Africa all in all: Do you think it exists equality of educational opportunity for black and white children?

Very much! All students in South Africa do have equal opportunities when studying! But at the end of the day it depends on every school’s teachers and students for good results and the level of the school

Thank you very much! It was a pleasure talking to you!

Sorry the first black student got accepted in 1993 not 1992

That all??? Just message me if you need more

Ok, thank you for the information! Yes, that’s all. Thank you!