Thank your very much for taking the time fort he interview! How old are you?

It’s a pleasure Iam 19 years

Which grade are you in?

Well I finished high school last year. I’m doing my first year at university.

Okay. What is the name of your hometown?


Do you live in town, out of town or in the country now?

I live in town

What is your parents profession?

My mom is a teacher and dad at the university as a project manager

How high was the school fee per month for you?

In south African currency it was 700 rand per month, I’m not how many euros that would be

And was your school only opened for Whites or Blacks during the Apartheid – era?

Whites and to be specific Afrikaans whites

How is the percentage of black and white pupils at your (former) school now?

Ther is more blacks now but I would say there is a balance because there are also a lot of whites

What about the teachers? How is (was) the percentage of Blacks and Whites?

More white teachers because it is an English school

Did you feel comfortable and secure in your school?

I did yes

Was your ethnic identity respected? Or did you feel discriminated sometimes?

It was

What is your mother tongue?


What was the language of instruction?

At my school or in general?

At your school.

English and Afrikaans. Mine was English

Did you have any comprehension problems?

No I didn’t

Regarding South Africa all in all: Do you think it exists equality of educational opportunity for black and white children?

Yes definitely

Thank you very much! It was a pleasure talking to you!

It’s my pleasure, what was the survey for?

It is for a project which I’m doing in university!

Oh ok then