Projekt:European Sociolinguistics

This Wikiversity project is carried out by a number of students at the Catholic University of Eichstätt-Ingolstadt under the aegis of Joachim Grzega. The project covers a number of questions relevant to the role of words and languages in European societies. We consider the answers of these questions important for the understanding of our modern European societies. Each student has specialized on a specific country. The questions we answer are:

  1. What are official languages and how are regional and minority languages protected by the EU Charter for Regional or Minority Languages?
  2. Which role does intercultural competence play in secondary education?
  3. Which role does international English (aside from AmE and BrE) play in foreign language teaching?
  4. What is language criticism directed against?
  5. Are there prominent examples for word-coinages due to “political correctness”?
  6. Are there prominent examples in the history of your country where language has been a prominent factor for manipulating people?
  7. What are the connotations of some selected words?

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