Sanctions to improve Performance close to Deadlines

Sanctions to improve Performance close to Deadlines

Hello my dear friends around the world,

As some might know I am a person that is only very rarely able to start working on things on time. That doesn’t mean that the workload decreases but means that all the workload waits for me at the end. As I had a very very close-to-deadline-experience with my Bachelor Thesis some months ago, I decided to open a list with sanctions and routines to improve Close-to-deadline performance. As I know that I am not the only one having those problems, this is to be an Open Source Project for everybody to add tips, tricks and activities to successfully survive these periods. Here we go!



When time is precious it cannot be wasted with sleeping. A 3-hour-night is possible for about 4-5 days (depends on training), if you follow some rules (see 2.). Less than three hours is contra productive.


  • Works out plans, schedules, get a routine. Don’t make up impossible work hours, this will discourage you. Breaks are important, even more important to define them
  • To-Do-Lists: Always write down what you have to do. Stop working on a point, when you are stuck. You simply don’t have the time for it!
  • Reminder-List: It won’t take long until you are in a poor state of mind. Write down any important peace of information that comes to your mind but doesn’t fit to the actual topic. You won’t be able to remember it without writing it down!



The following list consists of several different soft drugs in various order to stay competitive in mind. Everybody has to find his own mixture.

  • Aspirin Effect
    • (Aspirin Complex might also help)
  • Apples
    • (Also other veggies and fruits; think of the vitamines)
  • Fresh Air
    • (Make often use of rush airings; spend some minutes on the terasse with bare feets; go for a walk or run)
  • Water
    • (Never stop downing litres of water. Your brain has to drown in it!)
  • Coffee
    • (Have some Variation: Latte, Espresso, Iced Coffee etc)
  • Red Bull
    • (Of course only the original helps; also sugar-free or as a shot)
  • Coke
    • (Caffeine helps in every form and dose, even pills)
  • Vitasprint
    • (Should be available at your pharmacie)
  • Sex, Masturbation
    • (Make sure it is not too exhausting and not too often)
  • Relax for some minutes on the toilet
    • (Where else can you relax without a bad conscience?)
  • Ritalin
    • (I do not assume any liability! I just read that this will help)
  • Smoke a cigarette
    • (Might help even Non-Smokers to inhale “fresh” air and another point of view)

Always remember: You don’t take no prisoners in this situation!!!


  • Be hard to yourself, shut down any social network or communication program. Just open such ah program for a five minute break or if you need help. You will not forgive yourself wasting time on useless chatting at the end (Ausnahmen see “Friends”)
  • Search your distraction if necessary. But only for a defined time and only if it is really necessary!

You will barely succeed without your partner and your friends. You can shut down facebook, messenger etc but make sure to stay in contact with some important people in your life. They will cheer you up. They will make you laugh. And they will believe in you and make you believe in yourself (again). Because you always made it after all, so you will this time. And because they are always there for you. Take care, some of them are even happy to help you, a help you need badly. Don’t forget to be thankful and be generous with beers afterwards. They deserve it!



Believe in yourself and the success of your project. There will be times when you loose hope and spirit. You will hate yourself for bringing yourself into such a situation. But this is not the time for judging. To get the best out of that situation you cannot waste time with such thoughts. Pray to god and promise him things if you feel like but please keep believing in yourself, your skills and the success of your project. Believe in the strength of your mind to rule over your body.



This text is on the one hand supposed to help you in the future but is also a great thank you to all the people being there and helping me in those times between June and October 2009. Thank you my Love, Friends and Family for …inspiring me…believing in me…kicking my lazy ass…talking on the phone with me, even late at night…chatting with me….sitting in a room with me trying to look concentrated…spending your Sunday night formatting my thesis…trying to write a finance plan with only a couple of numbers for me…rereading my thesis in very short time…laughing about me and showing me how small I am...being absolutely ignorant to my self-pity…avoiding those situations in YOUR future lives!!!

Enough reading, start working!

--Moritz Melone 21:24, 9. Feb. 2010 (CET)