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Open Access 2.0 – Breaking the “prestige economy” of science in favor of a “shared scientific economy” Bearbeiten

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The fact that most published results are difficult to reproduce or even plainly wrong could be successfully addressed by a culture of Open Science, in which ideas, data, results, (re)sources, and methodologies are openly discussed and shared between scientist as well as with the population at large. Yet as science is transmitted mostly in written form, this “crisis of science” is in fact a crisis of scientific publishing, and the current open-access (OA) publishing model only partly resolves the major issues in scholarly publishing. The ambitious goal of the project is to outline concrete plans with like-minded peers and colleagues to break the “prestige economy” in science. Crucial for this will be (i) to challenge the current business model of scientific (including OA) publishers, (ii) to foster a culture of participative, crowd-based, open peer review and (iii) to rethink the way merit is given to scientists. The Fellowship will be an incubator and accelerator for a paradigm-challenging approach in scholarly publishing by using a Design Thinking method. The long-term vision is that a paradigm change in how scientific knowledge is produced and disseminated will one day render academic journals as intermediary between researchers obsolete, and that the current, hyper-competitive nature of science will be replaced by a culture of open collaboration among scientists.

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  • Corrado Nai
  • TU Berlin, Institut für Biotechnologie
  • corrado.nai "at"