Since July, 2009 I have worked at Wikimedia Foundation, and I'm presently Head of Reader Relations at the foundation. All edits made before my start date were in my individual, personal capacity as a volunteer, administrator, or otherwise regular member of the community – not as an employee, representative, or agent of Wikimedia Foundation.
"Have you ever skied at Jackson Hole in Wyoming?

Well, there is a sign at the top of the mountain that is both enthralling and terrifying:
'Our mountain is like nothing you have skied before!
Give this mountain the special respect it demands!'
Wikimedia is that mountain."

-- Stu West, WMF Board, in discussing Wikimedia Strategic Planning

I am the Head of Reader Relations for the Wikimedia Foundation. My role is to represent, on the staff, the voice and needs of the vast majority of the users of Wikimedia projects: the readers who rarely or never edit. I can be reached via email at philippe or on my meta talk page. In my volunteer capacity, I can usually be found on en:Wikipedia or meta, where I am an elected administrator. I previously was, by virtue of my job, a bureaucrat on the Wikimedia Strategic Planning wiki.

I was a member of the election committee for the Board of Trustees in 2007, 2008, and 2009, and am the staff liaison to the committee for 2011.

You can find me on en:Wikipedia as Philippe as a volunteer, or as Philippe (WMF) in my staff role. On IRC, my username is usually Philippe.

Follow me on and Twitter! My username is philippewiki in both places.